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The other day, I received a voice message on my landline phone. It was to the effect that the caller was from the IRS department.

He said he had an arrest warrant in his possession that had been issued against me and that I was under Federal investigation.

Also the caller wanted me to call him back on his number. He also left dire warnings of what could happen to me if I did not call back.

The voice sounded right. Native-born American English. None of that Third World accent you associate with a call center caller sitting halfway across the world and calling you to meet his cold call deadlines.

That has me worried. The use of the words, IRS department, makes me suspicious, but the lack of accent makes me wonder if it is a legit call.

Concerned, I immediately googled the numbers shared with me by the caller. I sighed with relief.

My troublesome caller’s number had already been flagged on several reverse phone number lookup sites as a fraudulent caller.

Still, wanting to get at the bottom of the issue first hand, I called up the numbers left by my IRS department employee.

My return call landed on voicemail. Not wanting to leave my information, I decided to use a reverse phone lookup service. I had to pay a small amount but was able to find the caller’s credentials without difficulty.

The caller was an employee of a company in Dallas. This company had been reported many times for making fraudulent calls, claiming to be IRS. I thought of writing to the IRS but decided that if this information was so very readily available, my reporting it was not going to help achieve anything.

Moral of the story: There is no dearth of information. What we need is agencies which will work promptly on this information.

Anyway, I was grateful for the reversephonelookup service I used. It helped me find my oppressor and guard myself against his intrusion.

Thieves use reverse phone lookup to hack FTC CTO account

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Just as sicknesses can be a great leveller, crime can also be a great leveller. Ask Lorrie Cranor, the chief technologist of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), who found, perhaps, a little late in the day that her cellphone had been hacked using reverse phone lookup.

Cranor realized her account had been hijacked when a unknown woman, walked into a retail mobile phone service provider store in Ohio, used her name and bought two iPhone under Cranor’s name on an installment plan. The phones were billed to Cranor’s account. The thief was gone before Cranor could say hello.

Cranor says that the thief used a technique called phone account hijacking. This technique is easy to use and implemented using easily available information online using services such as reverse phone lookup and/or reverse phone number lookup.

The identity thief would need the victim’s name, mobile phone number at times the last four digits of the victim’s SSN. However, Cranor says the last is not hard to comeby.

Cranor’s experience is an eye-opener. She is not the usual run-of-the-mill mobile phone user, whose information could be that easily compromised. She is a Carnegie Mellon University professor. She also specializes is in passwords—protection and authentication. Also, as FTC’s senior professional, she is familiar with the tutorials put out by her organization help people safeguard themselves against identity theft.

If she could be conned, it goes to prove that anyone could fall a prey to a similar trick.
Read more here of Cranor’s experience in her own words.

What is Reverse Phone Lookup


A reverse phone lookup service, backed by a reverse phone lookup directory, allows you to find the number of an unknown caller on your cellphone or landline. This caller could be a friend, an acquaintance or a neighbor whose number you cannot quite place. In that case a simple call returned to the caller could solve your problems.

However, think of situations, when a person suspects the identity of the caller, but does not wish to return the call, since he or she is a person that they are trying to avoid.

Such situations could vary from person to person, situation to situation and home to home. But imagine the following situations.

Situation 1:
A husband suspecting his wife of having an affair with her boss.
A reverse phone lookup or a reverse phone number lookup service.

Situation 2:
A wife suspecting her husband of womanizing, and receiving calls from all his girlfriends from time to time.
A caller ID check, using a reverse phone lookup or a reverse phone lookup facility.

Situation 3:
A mother suspecting a pedophile has targeted her son and is calling up the house when she is not around
A phone number check up, using a reverse phone lookup service or a reverse phone number service readily available online.

Situation 4:
A young woman, receiving blank calls from someone she suspects is a stalker
A phone number lookup, using the Internet to run a reverse phone lookup or a reverse phone number lookup.

Situation 5:
You have received calls from a marketer, whose proposal sounds interesting but you are not sure he is legit
A discrete caller ID check using phone number lookup or phone lookup service which is available on the Internet.

Situation 6:
You are an employer. You have shortlisted three candidates but would like to appoint one with a clean employment history but not sure how to go about this.
A employee history check, using reverse phone lookup or a reverse phone lookup, which will give you basic information about the person you wish to check out, and in case you wish to check further, you can get a more detailed history for a modest price.

So irrespective of whether you wish to protect your loved ones from unidentified aggressors, or you wish to hire only people with a clean record, or would like to know whether your prospective son-in-law, or for the matter, your prospective daughter-in-law is a gold-digger–well, the answer remains the same.

Use a reverse phone lookup service or a reverse phone number lookup service. It will give you details basic information for free and a more detailed profile information for a nominal price.
So how does a reversephone lookup service or a reverse phone lookup service work. Well, it’s simple. You go online and use services such as Reverse Phone Lookup offered by Reverse Phone Lookup and enter the phone number or the cellphone number of the caller. In minutes you are taken to the reverse phone lookup service which allows you find all the information that is available online.
The services vary from service provider to service provider but you can use a reverse phone lookup service to find the name of the caller, his address, employment history, criminal history, and at times even the social security number of your caller! So what more can you ask for if your intent is to use the reverse phone service as a one-stop solution to your discrete investigative needs.

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